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07.11.2017 TELS participates in the exhibition TransPoland 2017

TELS group of companies participates in the exhibition TransPoland 2017 in Warsaw on November 8-10.

28.09.2017 Congratulations on World Maritime Day!

TELS Group of companies congratulates You on World Maritime Day

15.09.2017 Air Cargo Delivery in Peak Season: We Fly When Others Cannot

Permanent Customers of TELS Group of companies are always provided with cargo packages in any direction of air transportation. Based on the forecasted customer needs, our company reserves cargo volumes from air lines long before the peak season.

24.11.2017 Case. Delivering Pharmaceutical Products from France to Russia Quickly with No Direct Transport Available

Transportation of pharmaceutical products often requires strict compliance with temperature conditions. It is usually quite easy to find the available refrigerated transport when arranging the delivery of such cargoes to the EEU countries from the near regions of Europe. However, when it comes to delivering from the distant regions of the European Union, it is always a problem to find refrigerators, especially in market growth conditions.

09.11.2017 Case. Optimization of the Scheme for Veterinary Cargo Delivery from France to Russia with Limitations in Supplier’s Veterinary Service

TELS group of companies provides international shipping of cargoes for its customers, including those that require veterinary certificates to cross EEU border successfully. What can be done when supplier’s veterinary service issues certificates only on Thursday and Friday and the supplier requests to perform loading proportionally during the week? In this case, the car loaded on Monday or Tuesday has to stand idle for 3-4 days.